Production Companies: Morein Group, Seoul /Social Capital Production, Tokyo / Voice Factory, Tokyo

Main Cast: Ji-tae Yu/ YûsukeIseya/Ye-ryeon Cha / NatašaTapušković / Kii Kitano

Producers: Tae Jin Chung / Sawakami Ryo /Marko Jocic

Director: Sang Man Kim

Writers: Sang Man Kim

DoP: Sung Lim Ju

Production Designer: Ji Hyun-Seo

Editor: Min-kyung Shin

Costume Designer: Choi Kyung-Hwa

Technical Information: Biography-Drama-Music / 121 min / English-Korean-Japanise language / 2014.

  The talented Korean tenor, Bae, who penetrate the audience's hears through his delicate and powerful singing, is on the rise to stardom at the European opera scene. Sawada, a Japanese music producer, is searching for a new tenor for an upcoming performance. He watches a performance of Bae and invites him to Japan, which marks the beginning of friendship. But, the thyroid cancer strikes Bae. During an operation, the nerves of his vocal cords has be cut due to the widely spread cancer. Unfortunately, Ba ends up losing his voice at the peak of his career. Sawada cant's stand to watch Bae's miserable so he starts to look for a solution.