Production Companies: Monte Royal Pictures, Belgrade / Smart Egg pictures, London / Viktorija Film, Belgrade / RTS, Belgrade

Main Cast: Svetozar Cvetković / Bojana Maljević / Branislav Lečić / Zoran Cvijanović / Dragan Nikolić / Maja Sabljić / Sonja Savić / Aleksandar Berček

Producers: Bojan Maljević / Anđelija Vlaisavljević / Slobodan Jocić

Director: Miloš Radivojević

Writers: Dušan Jelić / Ivan Panić

DoP: Radoslav Vladić

Production Designer: Nemanja Petrović

Editor: Petar Jakonić / Ana Milovanović

Music by: Momčilo Bajgić Bajaga

Costume Designer: Nadežda Petrović

Technical Information: Drama / 100 min / Serbian language / 1994

  Serbia under embargo in 1993 and life has no dignity or perspective. Tree middle aged friends are forced to come to terms with the social change, high inflation and encroaching war, they wander about searching for some sense in life and for the future in the land where the future no longer exists. The unemployed architect makes a decent living as a freelancer, the other one lives of black market and the third one awaits for any position with his PhD in world literature while he makes his living by gambling. Happenings around them confirm their emotional and moral disillusionment. This, convulsive, contemporary story, represents one entire generation of people, those who were too old to start all over somewhere else and in the same time too young to rest where they were and surrender to Belgrade, during 90’s.