Production Companies: Viktorija Film, Belgrade / B-Film Montenegro, Podgorica

Main Cast: Paul Leonard Murray / Dragan Bjelogrlić / Bojan Dimitrijević / Lena Bogdanović / Pavle Pekić / Marko Gvero / Ana Sofrenović / Miodrag Krstović / Milena Predić / Svetozar Cvetković

Producers: Marko Jocić / Slobodan Jocić / Branko Baletić

Director: Dinko Tucaković

Writers: Dinko Tucaković / Saša Radojević / Dimitrije Vojnov

DoP: Nemanja Jovanov

Production Designer: Ivan Denić

Editor: Petar Jakonić

Music by: Vladimir Petričević

Costume Designer: Jelena Đorđević

Technical Information: Biography-Drama-Comedy / 88 min / English-Serbian language / 2012.

  Somewhat of a 'black hole' stands in the biography of the famous Hollywood director Nicholas Ray, somewhere between 1963-67. After two consecutive flops in his career, out of the blue, he left his family, young wife and a daughter and took an invite from the director of 'Avala Film', Ratko Drazevic, and came to Belgrade. Wonder boy, a genius director - has also been a communist and a drug addict. At the time he was working on the project 'Dr and the Devils' based on the novel by the cult author, Dylan Thomas. At the same time Ray is chased by his family, producer Samuel Bronston, and the biggest movie star of the era, Charlton Heston, They even hired a private detective. Back in Serbia, Ray is praised and protected, with obvious instructions by the President Tito himself. However, troubles in Paradise strike.