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Viktorija Film is a Serbia-based production company founded in 1989. We are highly experienced in co-productions as well as production services for international feature film productions as well as for television. In the past 25 years and with more then 30 titles behind us, we built a strong reputation and became one of the leading production companies in the region. 

Viktorija Film started as external production company to National TV Service – RTS, but after a few years of producing TV series for television, it started with independent productions for theaters with highly acclaimed film directors.

With offices in Belgrade, Viktorija Film is structured as a small yet highly qualified and creative production house fully committed to its clients. We offer the highest quality support  in order to get the best possible outcome for various production types.

Viktorija Film has good contacts with sales agents from all around the world and we have also worked with Screen Actors Guild of America (SAG).

Run as a family business, our goal, as co-producers, is to make sure your production has whatever it needs to be successful, and to make you feel like a part of our family.


Viktorija Film has 25 years of strong experience in local and international production environment. Viktorija Film is strongly driven by film making and storytelling. We have more than 30 titles behind us as a proof that we are serious and ambitious film company that will deliver quality products.

Many international awards show that we can produce both artistically acclaimed films such as "Ni na nebu ni na zemlji" or "The Cordon", but also top grossing films such as comedy "Frozen Stiff" and action thriller "The Fourth Man".

In the last few years we turned more to genre films for the worldwide audience, with great international success with "Zone of the Dead" and "Nymph".

We have a clear vision to produce films for worldwide audience and there are several more projects currently in pre-production. Our goal is to produce more films of high quality and big commercial potential that will follow "Zone of the Dead" and "Nymph" pattern – shot in English, with international actors in leading roles. The idea is to have a new and original approach inside genre formula which will attract the audience.


We offer production services to international film productions, ensuring that you have the best possible experience in all stages of film making.
With decades of experience in film productions, international producers may take comfort in the fact that their production will be handled with high professionalism.

Our experience, in production services, includes a high budget Korean-Japanese production of "The Tenor Lirico Spinto" directed by acclaimed Korean author Kim Sang Man. Also, Marko Jocić, general manager of the company, has worked as a line producer on Warner Bros' medieval action spectacle – "Ironclad: Battle for Blood" directed by Jonathan English.

We offer cost effective solutions, but always keeping the highest industry standards.
Viktorija Film has a wide regional database of locations, talents and creative. Strongest regional location management, administration, castings, etc. devoted to execute demandable treatments, supplying clients with unique production service.